While you may already know that epoxy floors require minimal maintenance, you still have to clean and care for them. Epoxy floors can last you a decade, maybe even more if you care for it really well. That’s how long you can expect your floor to look shiny, smooth, and attractive, like it has been installed yesterday and not several years ago.

To clean your epoxy floor, regular spot cleaning is essential. You may also have to mop thoroughly, although most people say that they only do that seasonally. You may also have to use the vacuum to pick up dirt and dust when necessary. That’s practically all you have to do to take care of your metallic epoxy garage floor.

The Proper Way of Cleaning Epoxy Floors

However, there will be a time when your floor gets highly stained or dirty due to certain situations and some unforeseen causes. Regardless where you have the epoxy coating installed in your home, the following maintenance tips should work for you.

1. Use soft cloth or paper towel when wiping spills.

Minor spills on epoxy floors shouldn’t be too much of a concern. As a matter of fact, vehicle drippings shouldn’t bother you at all. If these things happen, simply use any soft cloth or paper towel to wipe away the spill.

2. Sweep your floor regularly.

Though your epoxy floor looks nice all year long, that shouldn’t stop you from doing routine cleaning. This is easily done with the use of a dust mop or a broom with soft bristles. They will effectively get rid of any dust or dirt on the surface.

3. Use ammonia to clean heavily soiled floors.

For heavy soiling, use a hard foam mop, clear ammonia, and hot water to clean the area. But first, be sure to sweep all loose debris first. After which, mix four ounces of clear ammonia to a gallon of hot water and use the mop to wipe the surface clean.

4. Use a kitchen scrub to remove stains.

If you see stains and rust on your floor, you can easily remedy that by scrubbing the problem area with a kitchen scrubbing pad. Use hot water first to remove the stain. If it won’t come out, try the usual home cleaning chemicals. Never use cleaners that contain acid, vinegar, or citrus. Soap and detergent should be avoided as well. This is because epoxy floors can get very slippery when wet, more so if you use soap on it.

These are the things that you should to properly take care of your epoxy floors. When you think about it, most of the tips here are not different from the maintenance requirements of most other types of floors. But unlike most of them, epoxy flooring can last you a very long time. Epoxy coatings are durable but unfortunately, not indestructible. That’s why you still have to follow all of the tips listed above. If severe damage occurs, hire qualified epoxy flooring contractors to help you with repairs.